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“It is with great enthusiasm and the utmost sincerity that I recommend Rocco D’Armiento as your next real estate agent. I’ve known Rocco since the process of selling my house which was initiated in the spring of 2011. Upon meeting Rocco for the first time at our initial appointment to discuss putting our home on the market, Rocco worked extremely hard to educate my wife and I on the process of selling a home and to get our house in shape to list. All home repairs were handled by Rocco and his vast list of contacts, making the process virtually effortless to my wife and I who both work full time. Every time any repair or update was needed to our home, Rocco would always have a colleague in mind to handle the situation. Rocco even went so far as to collect all repair and work estimates, schedule times for work to be completed and was present at the house at the scheduled times. Rocco demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the housing market and knew exactly what to list our home for in order to get the most traffic and exposure to prospective buyers. All this may seem like what is typically expected from a high-quality agent, but Rocco truly went above and beyond. My wife and I were selling the house under very stressful circumstances. Rocco was caring and sympathetic during the entire process and let us know that he was available to us 24-7. Rocco offered his own home to us for storage use of excess furniture and other household items which needed to be removed in order to stage our house. He even helped both of us move! Rocco was there when my wife and I packed up belongings from the house, helped move furniture into moving vans and then helped up move into our new place. I found this truly remarkable and an example of just how much effort and energy Rocco puts into his relationship with clients. Rocco retained a friendship with both of us after the sale and move was complete. Rocco is an energetic and experienced real estate agent that knows the business and market extremely well. He exceeded my expectations on all levels. I give my strongest recommendation for Rocco D’Armiento.”